Tour Our Facilities

Let us take you on a tour down our tree-lined paths leading to our beautifully landscaped grounds. Our park-like setting includes more than 25 gardens including a Green Burial garden, and seven mausoleums, along with an onsite funeral home, chapel and crematorium. We also have private and semi-private family estates for families throughout the park that can accommodate personalized memorialization options.

Many of our gardens are dedicated to religious, cultural and ethnic needs, giving us the ability to truly care for all families. Our Veterans Memorial Gardens offers a lasting and memorable tribute to the men and women who are buried here.

We have a long history of serving families, starting in 1938 as Grant Memorial Lawn. As the largest cemetery in the Sacramento area, we have the space to grow so that we can continue to meet the diverse needs of our families now and in the future. By providing personalized memorials that cater to every family and every need, we provide a sense of peace and comfort to our families who lay their loved ones to rest here.

Families from all walks of life lay their loved ones to rest here, and their legacy is our honor.  Once you’ve visited, we believe you’ll have peace of mind knowing the memories of your loved ones will be preserved in a serene, spiritual setting.

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Tour Our Funeral Home

Funeral Home

Our chapel sits at the center of the beautiful park and provides a welcoming environment for families and friends to gather and honor their loved ones. The chapel’s stain-glassed windows offer a calming touch by allowing the natural light to shine in. In addition, wall murals and floral arrangements placed throughout the funeral home create a unique and comforting setting. We also offer our families use of our reception room, with catering options available.
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Tour Our Grounds

Cremation Garden

Remembrance Mausoleum

Our Gardens

With more than 25 gardens on the property, it’s easy to find the right location to meet your needs. We take great pride in the appearance of the park, making sure that your loved one’s final resting spot is well taken care of, while the area around it offers a peaceful and serene setting for you to visit.

Our Cremation Gardens offer traditional and unique options for honoring the memories of loved ones, including boulders and cored monuments, as well as a butterfly memorial placement and an ossuary.

Family estates, both private and semi-private, are surrounded by lush landscaping with many memorialization options.

Our Green Burial Garden provides a final resting place for those who want to limit their environmental impact. The garden follows all necessary standards to maintain the integrity of the land.

Garden of Honor

The Garden of Honor is our most beloved and most visited garden that is reserved for our veterans who answered our nation’s call to serve and protect the ideals we hold so dear. In addition to providing special offerings for our veterans, the Garden of Honor, along with our Veterans Memorial Gardens, provide a final resting place that’s truly honors the lives of our veterans.

Private Mausoleums

Our private mausoleums are an exclusive option for those who desire the finest family tribute available. These mausoleums are custom designed and built to meet each family’s wishes.

The Remembrance Mausoleum offers an indoor, climate-controlled option for the community. This option tends to be less expensive than a traditional ground burial and provides a place for family to come year-round to remember their loved ones without worry about the weather. The stained glass and personalized glass-front niches add an additional element of beauty to the setting, making it a peaceful and comforting experience. This is where we hold our Easter Sunrise Service as it proves to be comforting to family and friends.

Garden of Harmony

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