Veterans Services

We are honored to provide special benefits and services to all veterans who have put their country before themselves. They risk their lives to uphold the ideals we hold so dear. Sunset Lawn Chapel of the Chimes is privileged to work with all honorably discharged veterans and their families to create lasting memorials that pay tribute to the sacrifices made by these men and women.

Why Veterans Should Plan Ahead

Get Peace of Mind

Veterans know the value of good planning. Whether planning for a military operation, a vacation or a new home, planning ahead minimizes problems and ensures things run more smoothly. The same logic applies to planning a funeral. When planning ahead, family members experience less emotional and financial stress because they aren’t forced to make funeral arrangements during their time of loss.

Take Care of Family

It has been estimated that a typical funeral involves more than 90 decisions. Family members are left trying to guess what their loved ones would have wanted when these decisions are left until the time of death. Even simple decisions can be difficult during a time of great emotional stress. Planning ahead takes this burden away from family.