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Ricardo De La Cruz Sazo

Birth Date: March 11, 1963
Death Date: December 24, 2016

” I will make this nice and short. Well my brother here you are at your final resting place wow how fortunate because there is nothing lucky about death to be laid to rest next to your parents.
I am not gonna ask you to say hi and to watch over us and all that because I know you are in eternal sleep along with all who have preceded you in death. I am not going to stand here and praise you for accomplishments or judge you for your wrongs or bring up the wrestling matches, fights, fishing, the good deeds and the holligans we did as brothers because if I did I would find myself standing here all alone well past midnight. All these beautiful people all gone and you popping out the ground screaming Herbert shut up and get out of here and go home.
This I have heard many times before. I will say that I am gonna miss that and everything you brought and gave. Through the hard times and the good our love for each other never wavered. You will be dearly missed my brother. You are now in the hands of the one who will truly judge you. I love you will all my heart. Godspeed my brother, Rest in peace….
from your brother, Herbert.

In my 38 years in this family I don’t know how many times I have heard the expression “Richie and Edward’s”. I myself have said it what seems like 1000 times (Going to Richie and Edward’s or coming from Richie and Edward’s).. Even your brother Herbert says I was having a beer at Richie and Edward’s. yes it will take time getting used to not saying that, but I want you to know that if you ever had any doubt about being loved well today there is no doubt. We are all here bevause of our love for you. We will always keep you in our minds and especially in our hearts. Love you Richie. Rest in Peace. from your sister in law Helen

Sunset Lawn Memorial Park
4701 Marysville Boulevard Sacramento, CA
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  1. I remember when my mom lived in West Sacramento and Raquel was still a baby, Richie came home greased from head to toe. My mom had this stuff for white clothes called Mothers Bluing, its super concentrated only needing 3 drops per gallon of water. Well, he thought it was laundry soap and jumps in the shower with his clothes on thinking he was going to wash his clothes. Needless to say, he stained my moms shower and ruined his clothes.

  2. Mi amor,
    Las palabras no pueden explicar como estoy perdido sin ti. To te olvidare mientras viva. Eras y siempre seras mi unico. Hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo,
    Tu viuda,

  3. One of my best memories that will still make me smile or outright laugh is when we were sitting outside on Taylor Street….summer time just relaxing…no talking about nothing yet everything. For some reason we started laughing and then we couldt say or even look at each other without laughing….You know the kind of laugh I mean belly rolls…about to fall out of your chair laughing. ..we did that for along time…it was great….thank u for that day…RIP RITCHIE.

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