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Jasmine Erica Taylor

Birth Date: July 20, 1993
Death Date: January 21, 2011

Jasmine was born on July 20, 1993 and passed away on Friday, January 21, 2011.Jasmine was a resident of West Sacramento, California.

Arrangements are incomplete at this time. Service details will be posted as soon as they become available.
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  1. my niece Jasmine was such a fun girl to be around. I miss her so very much. my heart still hurts and i miss her so much. I know she is with the Lord and is looking down on us smiling. she is and always will be in our hearts and on your mind. i love U so much niece. we will see you again. RIP

  2. Strong, Beautiful, and a smile that damn near breaks your heart.This is where it starts…And ends….For us that is.Because this is where Jasmine's journey begins.We could have,would have,and more than wanted her to stay here.God knows I don't want to shed anymore tears.But God called her in a voice that only she could hear.Honestly shes lucky to be in a better place,But it would be a lie to say that we wont miss her loving face.It would be even worse a lie to say she wasn't kind,I would more than second that she was everything amazing and sweet.She was the type to pick up the phone 3 in the morning because you were scared or couldn't sleep.And I know for a fact she would hold you if you began to weep. When all were given the choice to sit or stand,he would root her feet and clench her hands.And as she stood she could project more than anyone else could.More than once in our lives she protected each of us when no one else would.Whether she cheered for the home teamor laughed about crazy things…Implicitlyshe still erased our fears.If she were here she would want us to smile and appreciate lifeshe would want us to go on without pain or strife. Because of this she was an angel in life& shes our angel now.We will never forget how she was then,Not in the future,& especially not right now. R.I.P. Jasmine TaylorWe will always love you girl

  3. Jasmine was such a bright spot on our AAU girls basketball team. We all will never forget her infectious smile and laughter. My heart aches for her family, but deep down I know she is in a better place and no longer in pain. We love you Jasmine!!!! "LADY SPIRIT, YOU KNOW!!!!!!"

  4. JASMINE! I love you w/ all my heart! You was so strong and toughed it out like a true soldier. so BRAVE! but the Lord knew what he was doing he never make no mistakes…it was destined for all of us to see you on your last night! I miss you Jasmine! like my dad is it up there?..what do you see?..tell your mom that I miss her so much! and how she did her madea impersanations lol. now rest baby girl sleep w/ the Angels! sleep in heavenly peace!

  5. Well all I can say (Kitina) is "HEAVEN GAINED AN ANGEL”. Jas was a good friend of my daughter's (Alina aka RED!) They played Girls basketball together at Golden State Middle School end of 7th and 8th grade. Red & Jas were so unstoppable together on the court no one could deny that! I (Kitina) attended every basketball game the two played together. Seeing two young athletic girls playing basketball with the drive to win, was like bread and butter at the dinner table! It was never a dole moment! The two lead the team to Victories both 7th and 8th grade champs of their division! For those memories Jas will never be forgotten in our hearts! Red did learn from Jas that life is not to be taken for granted. During that time Jas got really sick with her Leukemia. We went to visit her in the hospital with wishes that she would overcome this illness and get better and she did! Time passed and we eventually moved out of West Sacramento, but Red and Jas still remained friends making contact thru phone, MySpace or even thru mutual friends! When we had heard of Jas’s passing we were very saddened by the news! How could this be? Why did this happen? After us all sitting in disbelief and mourning the death of this talented young woman all I could think to tell my children is Heaven is a better place for her she is with her parents they missed her a great deal! God works in mysterious ways…..but when its time its time.Jazz u will be greatly missed by us! We will always remember u and the good times we all had and one day we will meet up with you again!

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