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Ethan James Garcia

Birth Date: September 19, 2014
Death Date: May 24, 2016

Ethan James Garcia was born on September 19th, 2014 to Sheree Ramos and Javier Garcia. Ethan had three siblings, Katherine Garcia, Joseph Torres (who greeted him at the gates of heaven), and Riley Piercy. Ethan spent his last days while mom was in school at his Auntie and Uncle Matt’s house with his cousin who were just like siblings to him – Isaiah, Matthew, Analeah, Leyona, and Nayvia Pina. He also lived with his Grammie and Papa who loved him beyond words. Ethan brought joy, laughter and love to each and every person he came around. Although he did that with many, Ethan especially brought that to his family who I listed above: It was as if they had a slice of heaven. Ethan can light up a room with his smile.
Ethan was born with things people might call disability, but he never let that slow him down and he was never defined by this. Ethan was born with hydrocephalus and a hole in his heart. He took each day and circumstance with a smile on his face. He was recently given news he was going to receive glasses as if he couldn’t get any cuter and we looked forward to seeing him in them. Ethan enjoyed music, Mickey Mouse club house, peek a boo, and watching others enjoy the simple things in life. Ethan’s death was unexpected and our family had so many goals and dreams for this sunshine, but God needed him to go home sooner than we were ready for. He is missed deeply and forever will be. We can say that we know we will see him again and he will greet us at those gates when God calls us. Until then we will forever love you Ethan James !!
A view of heaven on September 19th 2014 to May 24th 2016.

Sunset Lawn Memorial Park
4701 Marysville Boulevard Sacramento, CA
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  1. Today you would have been 4 years old ! I can’t imagine the things you would be doing. My heart hurts from the hole that is missing and that is you. I hope one day you visit me in my dream cause I want to hold you again.

  2. Aunties Baby

    Written by: Auntie

    God has a purpose and reason for everything and maybe there was no purpose in your death, I know there was a purpose in your life. I miss you beyond words Aunties baby! God hold him tight for me!

  3. Today is a tough day for me baby, my mind is on thoughts of you and my heart is missing you. For ever you will be auntie boy!!! Your mommy is having a tough time too. one day we will hold you again and never let you go until then hold us close to your heart cause that's what we are doing to you!!

  4. As another Christmas goes by nothing get easier. The empty, sadness, and pain seems worse. Reality of you not here, and the deepest wishes to have you back baby boy. I miss you beyond words I can write. Life has forever changed and will never be the same. Although there are happy moments, it's followed with sadness of wishing you were here to be a part of. Your cousin thinks of you and notices everything and anything that might be about you. You are so loved here on this earth and we wait for the day we are reunited as a whole family once again!

  5. Everyday I think of you. What you might be doing now, walking, running, talking and holding conversations. My heart hurts. It was after you were gone my life forever changed. My life has changed in so many ways. I wish we could have you here with us. I wish we could turn back time and do something different so that way we can still have you here with us. I can only say the best thing that came of this horrible tragedy is that we got to see truth. I can't wait to see you at those gates I am gonna hold you and never let you go again!!! I miss you. I can't tell you enough how much my heart aches for you!

  6. Nayvia is always telling us of how you are coming back to us. Sometimes she says you are just eating a cookie and when you are done you are coming back. The other day she told me and Uncle Matt that we needed to get bean stock beans to planet, and when we asked for what she told us so that we can grow and grow them big and tall. Once they were big enough we could go and get you from heaven. It hurts that she misses you but for some reason it also bring me comfort. It makes me feel good knowing she misses you that your life left her remembering you. That when you passed and she was only 2 years old that she remembers you. Your guys daily lives together left a mark in her heart that I can only hope will last forever. I wish I could go back to the days where the two of you were laying on the ground in front of the TV watching Mickey Mouse, sometimes holding hands. Her face she would give as she kissed you of squeeze you hand cause her love for you and your cuteness over whelmed her feelings. I wish her wishes of you returning were true. Not just for her but for all of us. We miss you all of us. It never fails that in our deepest lows that me Gammie and your Mommy seem to find our selves calling each other and saying it hurts so bad and we all find around the same times we are in that same deep low. Ethan Auntie misses you! I miss your smile, your laugh, your kicking of the TV stand, your splash kicking in the bath. I just miss everything I hope you know how much I miss you and hold on to the thoughts of when we will see each other again and I know you will be at those gates to greet me again, and it will be forever and I will never let you go again!

  7. Today I spent hurting for you! I think of what you would be doing today. I wish to hear you say auntie why I didn't record you saying it. But I won't forget the first time I heard you say it, I thought I was hearing stuff. I cried my self all the way to school hurting and missing you. I love you my Ett and forever I will carry you with me!

  8. Hi baby the family got together today but you were missing. My heart misses you more and more and I long to squeeze you! I love you so much!

  9. Today is New Year's Eve. It hasn't been like years pass tomorrow will be a new year in which we will not have you with us. It feels in my heart like we are leaving you behind I miss you like crazy and beyond any words I can express to anyone !!!

  10. Merry Christmas Baby Boy! Auntie Misses you so much. This holiday couldn't be over fast enough for me! I didn't want to celebrate without you. My heart breaks from the loss of you and the length of time without holding you and hearing you laugh or to hear you say Auntie! I love you and miss you beyond any words I have! If only we could go back in time, where I could play with you again and let you hear me telling you how much I love you !

  11. I miss your smile, your laugh, I just miss you. Forever my life is missing you! Until the day we see each other again, I will miss u!

  12. My heart is heavy and sometimes trying to get through a day is tough! Forever my life is changed forever I will miss him, his beautiful smile, and his laugh. I love you forever and until the day we meet again, I will miss you!

  13. Oh how I miss Aunties boy beyond any words that can be written. I am broken heartened and lost without him. How I wish there was a way to turn back time!

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