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Dale Lee Botta

Birth Date: November 22, 1969
Death Date: November 4, 2014

Dale Botta was born 11/22/1969 and passed away on 11/04/2014.
Dale will be most remembered for the love he had for his family and friends, the mischievous twinkle in his eyes and the way he could exaggerate a daily routine into such a grand adventure that it would have you laughing so hard your sides would ache.
Dale always had a passion for drawing, which later led to a career as a tattoo artist, family and friends became his canvas. He also enjoyed working on cars as a mechanic and went back to school to earn 3 welding certifications.
Dale touch many hearts’s in his lifetime, we are honored and blessed to be among them.
Dale is survived by his mother Cliffetta (Candy) Fox, Father Michael Botta, his identical twin brother Dean, his two sisters, Christina (Tina) and Holly Ann. He was a father to Jason, Sarina, Jesse, Andrew, Michael, lil Holly and Rebecca. Uncle to Heather Renee, Kenny, Wayne, Ronald, Dale, Aryan, lil Dean, Lisa , Victoria, Karmen, Mary, Paige and Peyton.
Dale was preceded in death by his loving son, Courtney Botta.

Sunset Lawn Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Park
4701 Marysville Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95838
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  1. i still think about u from time to time.. in my heart u will remain.. rest in peace homeboy….i miss ur friendship.. ml

  2. its hard to believe its been a year already. god rest your soul. i picked the green one this time kuz the color green reps the meaning of life!! you are remembered every day by many but most of all you are brought to life every time your twin Dean speaks of you. you are very much missed and loved. i light this for you and ask that you guide the very one who gives you life every day through his. miss you dale!!!

  3. Dale, I remember when u and Dean were about 13 yrs. old, I was visiting ur mom. U and Dean went downtown and about an hour later came running back home. Both of u were carrying wooden Rayban cases that held about 30 pairs of sunglasses in each one…I can still hear u saying…"Look what we got while we was downtown….Here Barbra…pick one..anyone u want…u can have 2 if u want!" I found out later how u guys got them and all I could do was laugh!!! I miss u so much…U and Dean have been a part of my family for over 30 yrs and I'm gonna miss u dearly but I promise…I WILL NEVER FORGET U!! Rest in Peace my friend!!! I LOVE UR LIFE!!!!

  4. 15 years ago i met my best friend, husband, n the father of our beautiful children. We had our good times n our share of bad times nut one thing was for sure, we always has each others back when it came down to it. N we never stopped loving one another. I will never forget the day he was taken from us with such a senseless act of violence, a father ripped away from his children for no reason but his memory lives on thru his children. I will always love u n moss u until we r reunited in heaven where we will share eternity together. No one will ever fill ur shoes Dale. Shine like the star u r.

  5. I have so many memories! Dale when we were young we all would run around me you dean & Toni m , I have always had those amazing memories, & i close my eyes and I hear your laugh AND SEE you smile! YOU' Always the one to make everyone JUST STOP AND LISTEN;) there is a part of my heart is forever filled with my love for you friend!! I talk to you every day. I know you hear me! Because I feel your heart break. I hear your questions. But I don't have the answers . But I will always be here , & I will never forget you! I promise. If there is anything dale my buddy I can do for you just point me in that direction. You always gave 100 % to all i hope that who ever reads will lend a hand to his babies & dean his mom. We all loved dale & he will always be missed. I know his souls will be haooy if he knows his friends were helping do his part that he no longer can. Big smile & wave and hug my angel friend!

  6. Not a day goes by that I dont think about u and remember all the things weve been through and gone thru together one of the last things we did together was took hopie and legacy to the park to fly kites we had a hell of a fun day we were so outta breath from running to get those kites up in the air but we finally did it was a very good day and I wouldnt trade it in for the world. I love you so much and I miss u so bad.

  7. Man it's been a long time since I'd seen the whole fam I use to kick it with holly his sister My deepest thoughts n condolences to the family n friends

  8. My heart goes out to all of Dales children, to his family, and to all of us, that loved him . Dale was a kind hearted, level headed man, that preferred talking out issues, oppose to violence. Anybody that knew Dale, knew they had a friend. Dale was part of my family for 11 or so years. and was always the courteous friendly Dale. To all of you that he gave advise, please remember the words.To all of you that got that last hug, cherish it. To all of you that laughed at something funny Dale said, remember the laughter. Dale will be forever missed by his, mine, and all families, in which whose hearts Dale has touched. We have lost a peacemaker. The Dale I know would want us all to come together in peace, so that we all in our own right, have the stance to say goodbye to a dear friend, and loved one. Everyone please come together for Dale. This is indeed what HE would have wanted. And we pray for the future happiness, and well being of his children, as they are his legacy

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