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Cara Frances Brannon

Birth Date: March 28, 1936
Death Date: March 28, 2016

Cara Brannon, born March 28 1936. Grew up to be somewhat of a wild child, horseback riding,
fast cars and days at the beach. Later on becoming a mother. Not only a mother, but an
amazing mother. She gave birth to Tommy, Tammy, Jason and myself Jeremy. She was a
support beam in the family She was very strong.

Sunset Lawn Memorial Park
4701 Marysville Blvd Sacramento, CA 95838
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Graveside Service
April 7, 2016
1:00 pm
Sunset Lawn Memorial Park
4701 Marysville Blvd Sacramento, CA 95838
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  1. Its so hard to let you go. I know you are still with us in spirit, we just lost the physical view of you. But you're kids and grandkids and great grandkids will know you. We will carry you're memory from generation to generation. Ever since Dad passed, i never let you out of my site. Even back in 06 when you were still able to get around a little bit. I would not trade a single second of all the good times and hard times for anything in the world. It was an honor and a blessing to take care of you. Im blessed to have been with you at you're last moments. Like you were here for my first moments and all in between. Im now without my parents in physical form, but i do not feel alone. You raised us right. All paths you took for us all ended up good. We all have good families and good friends. You were the definition of a great Mother. Briana Cara Brannon will carry you're name. So its always in her memory. She was blessed to be in you're life for the 8 years she has. And will remember them. Please ascend to heaven in peace. No that we are all ok. You fought your entire life for good family quality and good morels. And then you fought for a good quality of life. I know you were way too tired. And you never complained to me. Even when i knew you werent ok.
    I love you for everything you have made me. And what you have done for me. Thank you Mom!!!!

  2. Dearest Mom, Over this past week, I have had so many memories rushing back. I have the memories and you in my heart till we meet again. I am sure you are up in Heaven with Pop, Mam and Tommy, tell them I love them. You are free from this world of pain and so much hate. I know we will be together again one day. Your legacy lives on through your children and grandchildren. We will all carry on.

  3. I couldn't picture my life without you in it. You are a very beautiful woman inside and out. I'm honored to have had you apart of my life. Forever loved, never forgotten. R.I.P.

  4. Words can't describe how much I miss you grandma! You were such a great woman! Always had a smile on your face no matter what. You were always there for us kids and I could never thank you enough! All you ever wanted was for all of us to do good and succeed and work hard. You were always there for everybody in their time of need! You're now with grandpa out of the pain and out of the suffering and you put up quite a fight just to be here with us and for us. I'll always love you grandma. Rest in paradise 😥

  5. There are no words to describe you grandma, you have helped keep my family together since i was born. Your smile will forever shine, you were the sweetest woman, even through rough times. You helped to raise me into the person I am today and I am blessed to have been able to spend as much time as I have with a person as special as you are. You have taught me valuable life lessons, and helped me get through emotional times.I spent majority of my childhood hanging out in your room with you, watching t.v talking about the most random things. You were always there to talk to about absolutely anything. People like you are rare, your love and compassion was endless, and the memories I have with you are priceless. I wish I knew what to say but I'm still at a loss of words. I know you lived a long beautiful life surrounded by people who loved you more than anything and thats what matters most, thanks for blessing the first 21 years of my life with unconditional love, you are an amazing woman and will be loved and missed forever! I love you Grandma, rest easy.

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