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About Us

History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

"We started as Grant Memorial Lawn in 1938, a twelve-acre cemetery north of Sacramento which became the final resting place for many who fell during World War II. Our early focus on funerals for young soldiers taught us much about the importance of honoring each life in special ways."

From its modest start, Sunset Lawn has grown to encompass more cemetery space than any facility in the Sacramento region. Today, the park provides an on-site funeral home and chapel, seven mausoleums, 11 areas for honoring cremated remains and 25 gardens – some dedicated exclusively to clients with ethnic, cultural, religious or military affiliations. One of these – the Garden of Honor which flies flags from all the military services- is among our most visited and requested sites.

Sunset Lawn offers a complete selection of traditional and non-traditional services. We take pride in fulfilling all the individual needs of families from the diverse communities we serve. From the beginning , our mission has been to develop a level of service that recognizes the importance of each life lived – no matter how short or long its duration. We feel that every ceremony should honor the person it memorializes in a way that is reminiscent of his or her life- and significant to family and friends.

The ceremony might focus on the loved one's profession or family, their hobby – perhaps a favorite recreational activity or some other personal interest. It might include a location with special meaning, a memorial video, unique memorabilia or personal effects, a music program, or some other idea that helps the family create a personalize remembrance.

Such a ceremony affirms the special mark made by a loved one's life. It also comforts the living in a way that no impersonal ceremony ever could.

Our Valued Staff

Terry  DeWeese

Terry DeWeese, General Manager & Sales Manager

Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers, Funeral Home Manager

Kymberly  Lawrence

Kymberly Lawrence, Office Manager

Dave Montgomery

Dave Montgomery, VP of Cemetery Development & Memorialization

Amelia Fox

Amelia Fox, Funeral Director/ Embalmer

Sherry  Rios

Sherry Rios, Funeral Director

Beth Murray

Beth Murray, Funeral Director

John  Smith

John Smith, Family Service Counselor

Sandy Sargent

Sandy Sargent, Family Service Counselor

Valerie Davis

Valerie Davis, Family Service Counselor

Randy  Profit

Randy Profit, Community Service Counselor

Celidah Holt

Celidah Holt, Community Service Counselor

Jennifer Valcazar

Jennifer Valcazar, Community Service Counselor

Linda Chen

Linda Chen, Community Service Counselor

Laura Mantei

Laura Mantei, Receptionist

Anthony Dale Debbs

Anthony Dale Debbs, Staff Associate

Anna Grauer

Anna Grauer, Staff Associate

Ryan Myers

Ryan Myers, Administrative Assistant

Pamela Silva

Pamela Silva, Administrative Assistant

Sandra  Phillips

Sandra Phillips, Administrative Assistant

Armando  Lopez

Armando Lopez, Cemetery Caretaker

Roy  Bastian

Roy Bastian, Cemetery Caretaker

Gary  Reed

Gary Reed, Cemetery Caretaker

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson, Cemetery Caretaker